One platform, many possibilities.

FynOps is fully managed financial operations platform
that brings together all of your existing tools in one place.

The right tool for the right job.

Here are your FynOps power tools...

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Multi-company chart of accounts matrix.

Want to easily compare and sync chart of accounts across multiple companies?

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Manage uncategorized transactions.
Need to get a handle on your uncategorized transactions?
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Purpose built accounting automation.
Is it time to save time and your bottom line?
Accounted feature assets (8)
Actionable financial analytics. Coming soon.

Need a custom dashboard ASAP?

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Manage prepayments with ease. Coming soon.

Got an idea for a custom power tool?

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Form Builder
Publish modern tabular forms. Coming soon.

Need to build a custom tabular form?

Got an idea?

Have an idea for a new FynOps power tool, custom fintech app or accounting automation? Don't know where to start? Reach out to the FynOps team and let's start collaborating.

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