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Achieve better financial results with a Fractional CFO on your team.

Uncover growth opportunities, optimize operations, improve cash flow and boost profitability with insights from veteran Fractional CFOs.

Our CFOs have helped hundreds of businesses grow profits and save millions of dollars year over year.

How it works

Right-Fit Call

We start with a free, no obligation call to discuss how a fractional CFO can help your company improve revenue, profitability and cash flow. This call also helps us understand your business better and ensure that we’re a right fit for your business.


Once onboarded, your new fractional CFO will put together a complete financial workbook that will set the stage moving forward. This includes the standard statements such as Balance Sheet, P&L and Cash Flow with the addition of annual comparisons, trends & differentials and more.

Meet Monthly

Each month, your CFO tracks profit and cash flow, analyzes a your financial strengths and weaknesses, and proposes corrective actions so that your team will know exactly what to focus on every month to have a more profitable business. Ensuring that your business stays financially on track.

Starting at $1,650/mo billed monthly.