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Case Study: Glidecoat

Glidecoat, a case study.

About Glidecoat

Onan Technologies, DBA Glidecoat, is the premier manufacturer of protective, preventive, and restoration products for the marine, automotive, RV, and aviation industries. They have designed a range of high-performance ceramic coatings specifically designed and extensively tested to provide superior protection on all types of surfaces, in even the harshest conditions.

Primary Challenges 

  • Manually entering orders with multiple pricing tiers, distribution levels, and other variables into QuickBooks Online is time consuming and tedious.
  • Replicas of inventory and customer records across many systems.
  • Mismatched SKUs, presenting problems with syncing of multiple systems and shipping of chemical goods.
  • Increased liklihood of human error with increased manual entries and syncing.



Glidecoat had considered other automation tools. But after discovering there would be a steep learning curve, they quickly realized that the time and effort would only result in complex, error-prone automated workflows.

Glidecoat needed:

  • A solution that automatically and accurately creates sales receipts in QuickBooks Online from their e-commerce platform.
  • Automatic inventory, customer, and vendor verification/creation.
  • The ability to track sales KPIs in their CRM from their e-commerce data.
  • 24×7 monitoring and maintenance of automations by accounting automation specialists.

AccountedCloud Results

With AccountedCloud, Glidecoat was able to:

  • Focus on their core business instead of focusing on learning how to create and maintain accounting automation workflows.
  • Significantly reduce the amount of time spent manually entering data into QBO.
  • Realized cost savings in the tens of thousands per year, with a five figure ROI, based on an averaged 15 work hours saved each week.
  • Used the recouped time to refocus on more important business activities, such as business development and customer experience.

“As a small company, and under very tight budgets, we did not have financials for the previous three years. It was definitely a huge challenge in itself, going back that length of time. AccountedCloud created an app that pulls our sales data in real-time into Quickbooks. Overall, they are awesome…” 

– Paul Westhorpe, Managing Director, Onan Technologies Inc. DBA Glidecoat.

“Our partnership with Glidecoat illustrates how incredibly beneficial professionally managed accounting automation services can be to small businesses. Our strength is fitting the puzzle pieces of different systems together with logic, data, and automation as well as the human element. Automation by itself is not enough, our highly experienced automation experts are here to help.”

– Walt Quesada, Co-Founder & CTO, AccountedCloud

About AccountedCloud

AccountedCloud is fully managed accounting automation done right. From concept to implementation, our skilled designers and engineers will integrate with your existing apps and platforms such as QuickBooks Online, WooCommerce, Shopify, and many others.

For more information on AccountedCloud, contact us any time.



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